RECIPE: Cookshop’s Fish Tacos


Chef Marc Meyer’s of Cookshop shares his recipe for Fish Tacos.

Cut fish into small, bite size pieces; soak them in buttermilk and dredge in bread crumbs.  Any mild, white fish will do, we use merluza.

Charred Jalapeno Ranchero Sauce

  • On a grill or very hot pan, char jalapeno and white onions; bring to a simmer with crushed tomatoes, adding cumin and coriander for flavor; season and blend.

Green Cabbage Slaw

  • Slice thinly green cabbage; toss with salt, lime juice, shaved red onion and shaved, de-seeded jalapenos.  Let marinate at least half an hour before using.

Lime Crème Fraiche

  • Mix together crème fraiche and lime juice to taste, being careful not to whip it too much and break it.

Toast corn tortillas in a pan or on a grill; fry the breaded fish and place on top of the tortillas; cover with the cabbage slaw.

Spoon some Ranchero sauce over them and finish with the Lime Crème fraiche, pickled red onions and jalapenos, and a sprinkle of cotija cheese.

Garnish with your favorite hot sauce and a piece of lime.



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